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This is my gallery! I usually like to use traditional media to do my artwork, so sometimes it takes a while for me to get my artwork uploaded. I do digital art too, but there's just something about traditional that you can't get away Enjoy what pictures I have and the little stories I put up in the mean time and tell me what you think!

If you think my gallery is missing something, feel free to give me a comment! I'll do my best to try to fill that hole!


My favorites. If I like it, I comment. If I love it, I fave it. If I really love your artwork, I might make a collection, just for it!


Dawn by Sinaherib

Being just yet another example of anthropomorphic artwork at it's finest, *Sinaherib delivers a spectacular and captivating piece fille...

Land of Amazons by jcbarquet

Yet another example of how *jcbarquet captures the imagination with his artwork, this piece is exquisitely detailed. Even down to the s...




The Divine Forge by SnowblindOtter
The Divine Forge
A particularly well-done painting I did, of my rendition of what a Gamma-Ray Burst Hypernova would actually look like, to an observer when seen somewhere between edge on, and, head-on(considering head-on is nothing but white, and, edge-on is pretty boring and undramatic unless you are several parsecs away...). Things like this--Supernovae, stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae-- are among my favorite things to paint. They are a very deep part of who I am, being somebody who always was fascinated by the universe.

If anybody is wondering what a Gamma-Ray Burst(GRB) is, it is the death of a colossal star, well above 40 times the mass of our sun. As the star ages, it burns through its Hydrogen and Helium supplies very quickly, and, rapidly enters what is called 'C-N-O' fusion, creating first Carbon, then Nitrogen, and then Oxygen. After Oxygen dominates the star, the inner layers collapse, and begin the process of fusing Oxygen and Carbon until Iron starts to populate the star, which, is the heaviest element that can be fused by a star normally. The Iron in the star actually absorbs more energy than what is released by fusing nuclei to create it, and, as it quickly settles to the core, it robs the star of its power-supply. After a sufficient threshold is reached, the core of the star collapses rapidly, and rebounds.
In GRB-type stars, known generally as Wolf-Reyet Stars, the stars pressure is able to begin fusing Iron into even heavier elements, such as Cobalt, Nickel, or Zinc. At this point, the fusion process robs so much energy, that the core collapses under its own weight, without any outward pressure, and forms a Black Hole. The outer layers, being sucked inwards, are mostly trapped inside of the Event Horizon of the singularity, and, begin the process of being destroyed.
The beams created are caused by matter exceeding the speed of light, and, being able to escape the Event Horizon, and releasing super-concentrated Gamma Rays from the rotational axis poles of the black hole.

This took 12 hours, in PaintTool SAI. Painted entirely on one layer, minus the lense flare, with only the Airbrush tool with varying brush densities(mainly 10-40%).

I really did this in an attempt to just doodle, and dick around to get some creative juices flowing. I would say it worked, and, it created what is probably the most beautiful things I've ever done. This is uploaded in a smaller resolution than what I drew it in; the original is huge, and, I figure the best way to really enjoy it is to upload it as a smaller image, despite it being the first thing I've submitted to here, in over 6 months, probably. I did such a good job, on this, I have it set as my background image for my desktop...I might even sell the original size image as a desktop background, but, I'm not sure.

Artwork belongs to me. I have retained all original WIP images, and, the source file.

Favorites will not get me to post more to this website. If you would like to see more art, then you will have to post intelligent, thoughtful comments. Simple 'Cool', or, 'Beautiful!', or anything along those lines won't do it.
Photographs and Still Life
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I don't really understand all of the hype with compound bows...everyone says they're supposed to be easier to shoot, more accurate, more reliable. Bull. Shit. I have broken more arrows with my compound bow than I have with bows I've made myself! 40 bucks for a pin-sight, made out of aluminium and plastic? 5 bucks for a plastic peep sight that just jerks around on the string, and doesn't let me keep my anchor point? 5 bucks a piece for arrows!? These things are bullshit! I could get more pin-point accuracy out of my compound bow by chucking the fucking thing down-range at the target!

Either I'm not doing something right, and I need some help(given that I have never shot a compound bow before now), or, I need to find somebody who will be willing to trade my compound for a good quality re-curve. Archery is supposed to be one of my relaxation activities, but, this is giving me heart palpitations!
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